Welcome!  All Things Good is a Christian Church that celebrates the goodness of God that is evident all around us. When we say that “God is good” it’s not just a cliché, it’s the very heart and essence of God. It’s the goodness of God that keeps us going back to Him because He is indeed the source of all things good in the world and in us. In a world filled with bad news, Jesus came in love proclaiming good news.  The Bible teaches that Jesus went around doing good.  We want to embody, celebrate, and live out all things good to the glory of God.

We are a Nazarene Church and you can learn more about our denomination here, and read about our beliefs here

You are welcome to join us every Sunday morning at 11:00 am for our main weekly service which usually lasts about an hour with activities for grade school kids. We also meet every Wednesday night from 6:30 – 7:30 pm to share and pray for each other. From our family to yours, we hope and pray all the good things that God has in store for you!

Pastor John, Renee, Caleb, and Micah Hanna

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