June 7, 2020

Journey with Jonah – Running from God (chapter 1)

Passage: Jonah 1:1-17

During this final week of the COVID-19 stay at home orders, as we worship in our homes, Pastor John leads the church through daily meditative and reflective readings of the Old Testament book of Jonah, which surprisingly, has some parallels and analogies with the cultural upheaval we are currently experiencing

Today’s takeaway # 1 – Jonah’s experience with God is similar to ours.  God tells Jonah to do something, and he has the authority to do so because He is God.  And Jonah disobeys and runs from God, because that’s what we do as rebellious people who choose not to do what God asks of us

One Reply to “Journey with Jonah – Running from God (chapter 1)”

  1. Sometimes we are so stupid that we believe we are smarter than God or surely God’s direction was meant for someone else. Jonah, like Moses just couldn’t believe God wanted him to carry out His plan. So Jonah tried to hide. We all do this. We need family renewed commitment to God’s will and to sing Trust and Obey as a theme song.

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